5 Chocolate Shops in Brussels to Visit

Belgium is known throughout the world for many things, but perhaps, one of the amazing inventions from Belgium would have to be Belgian Chocolate. If you will be visiting Brussels anytime this year, you should look into visiting these top five (5) chocolate shops to make your journey worthwhile. Wittamer Place du Grand Sablon 1000 … Continue reading

Best Neighborhoods in Brussels

Before booking a Brussels apartment in Brussels, make sure to do a little research about the neighborhood. Some neighborhoods in Brussels may not be ideal for families, others may just be a bit too crowded for couples, and some neighborhoods may just be located in a busy intersection with no parking areas. Before making the … Continue reading

Where to Get Your Shopping Done in Brussels

There are so many shops and stalls in Brussels where you can buy almost anything imaginable: souvenirs, delicious treats and pastries, clothes and even vintage items. The best places where you can get your gifts, food, and other needs are located quite far from each other though, but if you enjoying walking and sightseeing, you … Continue reading